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As we are nearing our Independence Day celebrations, I cannot help but wonder how many more of us Indians living abroad feel as nostalgic and homesick as I do? Do you find yourself reminiscing about your carefree, nearly perfect childhoods spent in the company of your neighborhood friends who were from all cross-sections of society and far-reaching corners of India? Do you remember spending countless hours in the neighboring auntie’s house who was from southern India and relishing her culinary delicacies like Dosas and home-made tomato pickle which were a world away from your in-house favorite Rajmah-Chawal, yet you felt entirely at home in her kitchen? Do you remember sub-consciously learning certain Bengali phrases just because your office colleagues in India would inevitably slip into the habit of talking in their mother-tongue yet you- ever a Delhi kid, didn’t feel left out of the conversation? Do you remember coming together for Navratri celebrations and gathering your friends to go to the Dandiya celebrations and watching in complete awe as your Gujarati brothers and sisters twisted, twirled and danced to the divine choreography over the beats of the Dhol? Do you remember relishing the casseroles full of sweet, gooey kheer made with almonds, cashew nuts and raisins fried in ghee delivered to your door during Eid? India- indeed a world within a country, inhabited by a mix of unique languages, cultures, cuisines, and lifestyles!

Diversity for us Indians is not an abstract concept; it is very much an indelible part of our experiential memory, weaved inseparably into the beautiful tapestry of our growing up years which made our lives so much more vibrant and colorful. The rainbow of different attires, languages, opinions, philosophies, foods, and cultures we grew up with is genuinely unmatched compared to any other place on the planet! Sometimes I feel we do not fully appreciate the fact that it is the exposure to so many various lifestyles and experiences that have shaped our personalities to be more tolerant, accepting and emotionally mature.

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As we near the date of Independence of our beloved India, let us come together again, re-live that sense of community, the unity in diversity and celebrate with Our Indian Culture. Let us take some time out of our busy schedules to remember the heroes who fought so hard to win and preserve the very freedom that we have enjoyed and grown up with. Let us not forget those who gave us this precious gift of a glorious nation we all are proud to call India.

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