Diwali – Festival of Lights!

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Diwali Decoration at Diwali Bollywood Party in Orange County, CA, USA by Our Indian Culture

May the Light be with you!

The light – the radix of life. The light is the outset of each living thing. Light is the establishment of this universe. Without the warmth & glow of the sun, this galaxy would be lifeless and dormant.
There exists no such thing as dark; it is the only nonappearance of light – nonattendance of a need. That’s why numerous cultures around the globe, especially India, light is constantly contrasted with darkness to ignorance.
Light is something we ought to celebrate each day. Light is the bliss we frequently disregard & ignore.
On the auspicious day of Diwali, let’s commemorate light. Diwali is a celebration of light – a celebration that implies warmth, knowledge, and life.
So, take a glance, feel the light, appreciate the light, praise the light….
Experience the light….
Be the light….
Yes, light is life!
Live long the light that manages & sustains life!!

Diwali Celebrations!

Diwali (otherwise called Deepavali) is a celebration of lights observed on the fifteenth day of the period of Kartika in the Hindu date-book. Numerous individuals in the United States celebrate Diwali every year. It is an essential celebration for individuals of the Indian community. Indeed, it is one of the greatest in the year.
There are so many ways by which individuals celebrate Diwali here in the USA, and you too can join a lot of such events. Illuminate the windows in your home or your work area at the workplace with lamps or little electric lights. On the off chance that you have an Indian co-worker, try to convey a bundle of sparklers to chip away at the day to demonstrate to them that you regard their convictions and practices.
There are a few celebrations taking place all through the USA to appreciate Diwali. If you live in one of those regions, attempt to join, regardless of whether you’re with your loved ones or whether you’re here alone. It is a magnificent method to get a sense of Indian network in a nation so far from India.

Diwali Festival of lights celebrations in Orange County, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Diwali Bollywood Party 2018 in Lake Forest, Orange County, CA

Fun-Filled Family Events!

At Our Indian Culture, you will feel the rapport being revived between you and your loved ones. We bring expressions of the culture, arts, celebrations, and food of India to you. Consistently, we sort out occasions like Diwali, Holi, Navratri, Picnic, Singing, and Dance to name a few.

Happy Diwali!

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